Breast Augmentation in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Many women in Sunny Isles Beach have an insecurity about the size of their breasts. For those considering an augmentation, there is not a better choice than Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., a renowned plastic surgeon who practices in Aventura. Breast augmentation has been regarded as the most beneficial way to revitalize the breasts after a loss of firmness due to age, pregnancy, or a change in weight.

The Basics of Breast Augmentation

Many candidates for augmentation may wonder what the procedure involves. Breast augmentation was developed to specifically target the physical shape of the breast, as well as change the shape, texture, and size of the breast. This is achieved by the adding silicone or saline implants to the patient’s natural breast. This surgery is among the most popular plastic surgeries in the country and is performed on thousands of women every day.

Are You A Candidate for Augmentation?

The majority of women who consider breast augmentation are excellent candidates for the procedure. You are a prime candidate if you desire the following:
  • Reverse differences in breast size.
  • Adding volume to the breasts following pregnancy.
  • Adding volume to the breasts following surgical cancer treatment.
  • Significantly improving the physical appearance of the breasts.
  • Adding symmetry to the breasts.`
Breast augmentation surgery can create a full appearance for the breasts. Dr. Rubinstein also specializes in performing simultaneous breast augmentation and lifts so that the breasts appear to have a youthful lift. Having the procedures completed at once is beneficial to patients who wish to minimize recovery time and avoid two sets of surgeries.

Custom Breast Augmentation

The importance of the physical appearance of the breasts is extremely important, so it is vital that patients are honest with themselves and Dr. Rubinstein about their expectations for their breast augmentation. Dr. Rubinstein often relays that the importance of the surgery is to create an ideal overall physical shape of the breast as opposed to a specific cup size. Dr. Rubinstein also prefers that every woman knows the right adjustment for her own body, and he has implemented a sizing table that helps patients to develop an adequate sense of which implant will be best for her lifestyle and desired look. This process differs from most other augmentation facilities. Usually, doctors choose the size of the breast implants based on what the patient tells them. Dr. Rubinstein, in contrast, asks his patients to complete an assignment prior to their visit where they are asked to view several different breasts sizes and choose a few that they view as ideal breasts. This process aids in the doctor’s ability to ensure patient satisfaction with his work. Dr. Rubinstein starts breast augmentation by creating a small incision and inserting a temporary saline implant into the patient’s breast. He follows this by sitting the patient upright to gain a proper perspective on the volume and symmetry of the breast. Once he decides on the correct volume symmetry of each breast, he will resume the procedure and add permanent implants. This sizing process is unique because it allows Dr. Rubinstein to create a perfect dynamic with regard to breast size and symmetry. Many patients report their breast size being exactly as they imagined.