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Dr. Rubinstein Discusses Treatment for Miami Patients with Botched Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Miami, FLAs plastic surgery increases in demand, so does the number of practitioners. Unfortunately, this means there are some “surgeons” out there who may not be entirely qualified and are merely offering plastic surgery as a way to make money off the trend. Unqualified surgeons result in unhappy patients, who are forced to live with the botched results of poorly performed plastic surgery. Dr. Rubinstein, a leading member of the plastic surgery community, offers treatment to patients who have had botched plastic surgeries in the past. This helps patients correct their results and achieve the appearance that they originally desired.

How Does Botched Plastic Surgery Happen?

The majority of botched plastic surgeries happen because patients go to a surgeon who is not trained or certified in plastic surgery. Board certification is the first thing patients should look for when considering plastic surgery, as doctors who are board-certified in plastic surgery are the only ones who are proven to be qualified and experienced in the profession. Doctors without board certification are performing major surgical procedures without the required knowledge, leading to the botched results that we see all too often.

How Does Dr. Rubinstein Correct Fix Botched Results?

Dr. Rubinstein has been active in helping patients correct botched plastic surgery results and educating them before getting surgery to begin with. With botched results, the approach will be different for each patient depending on the original surgery and the current state of the results. For breast implants, for example, he is typically able to use the incisions from the initial surgery to remove implants and replace them if desired. Replacements will better fit the patient and will be properly placed for safety and results that look and feel natural. Dr. Rubinstein’s priority is minimizing additional scarring while providing the patient with the results that they wanted initially. He is also actively developing a database that helps patients research plastic surgeons so that they can avoid less-than-qualified practitioners. To learn more about Dr. Rubinstein’s efforts or to schedule a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, contact us today. We are proud to serve residents of Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas of Florida.