Plastic Surgery in North Miami, Florida

If you are anything like other residents of North Miami, you may notice a negative change in your looks as you age. You may be unable to achieve the shape you want through normal means such as exercise and dieting. Many problems may be out of your control such as birth defects or body altering injuries. Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon who can remedy any cosmetic concern at his Aventura practice.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Many different procedures can be performed by a plastic surgeon. These procedures will improve the appearances of the patients’ body and increase self-esteem to individuals who have a positive attitude and optimistic expectation of the outcome of the procedures.

Am I the Right Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

When deciding if you are an ideal candidate for plastic surgery, we urge you to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How do I expect plastic surgery to help me?
  2. What is the goal I wish to achieve from this procedure?
  3. What is the main reason for my wish to have the surgery?

In most situations, possible plastic surgery patients can be split into two categories. Patients who already have a positive self-image of themselves but may be worried about a specific part. Following the surgery, these patients will continue to have the same self-image that they had previously. The second group of patients is those who have cosmetic flaws that are the cause of many years of self-esteem issues. After the surgery is complete, they will adjust to their new looks over time, and their self-esteem gradually improves. The results are usually dramatic.

As a potential patient of plastic surgery, we ask for you to consider how plastic surgery will affect how you look physically and the role it will play in bettering your self-esteem. Remember that plastic surgery’s intention is to change how you perceive yourself. Do not spend time worrying about how others will perceive you after the surgery.

If you are interested in plastic surgery and live in North Miami, please contact Dr. Rubinstein at his Aventura practice and find out today how cosmetic surgery can positively change your life.