Take a Breather

As you know, it is anticipated that there will come a need for ventilators that will exceed the current supply of available machines. There is also a large number of ventilators currently left unused in office surgery centers throughout the country. While these ventilators are not ideal for ICU care, they can certainly save lives and be functional in the absence of typical ICU ventilators.

I have launched “Take a Breather” to help organize a virtual treasure trove of ventilators that would otherwise be going unused and unaccounted. I plan to reach out to the medical community beginning with aesthetic plastic surgeons and ask everyone to make their ventilators available to local hospitals should a need arise.

I will be forming lists of available machines as my colleagues respond. It is my intention to find colleagues in each major metropolitan area to help maintain a list for that area and coordinate the donation of these machines to be used as needed.

Of course, I will maintain the list for South Florida. I am hopeful that our isolation and hygiene measures will be enough to stem the tide of this terrible epidemic, but I know we must prepare for the worst.

I am very confident that my colleagues around the country will rise to the occasion and gladly line up to help in this time of need.

If you have an unused ventilator you would like to donate please email shareventilators@gmail.com