Laser and Light Treatments in Miami, FL

With time, skin changes through age, sun, scarring, and other factors. Collagen decreases, leading to loss of the full and glowing faces of youth. Residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida may feel dissatisfied with the skin’s loss of vibrancy. In addition, they may wish to correct the damage caused by the sun, scarring from acne, fine lines, and other skin problems. Advances in technology during the past few years have made it possible to revitalize skin and gain a fresher, younger appearance. Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs laser and light treatments at his Aventura practice.

What are Laser and Light Treatments?

In laser treatment, sophisticated technology is used to treat a number of skin problems for which cosmetic surgery would be too invasive. The light energy of lasers can correct or alleviate a number of skin conditions, including sun damage, wrinkling, and spider veins. The laser delivers controlled pulses of energy to areas of the skin, stimulating collagen growth and revealing younger, fresher looking skin. With minimal preparation and recovery time, laser and light treatments are ideal for individuals who want a healthier, more vibrant look without the risks of major cosmetic surgery.

Am I A Good Candidate for Light and Laser Treatment?

If you are considering light and laser therapy, you should look closely at your reasons and expectations. Individuals who are thinking about plastic surgery should give themselves honest self-examinations. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do I expect light and laser treatment to do for me?
  • What goals do I want to achieve with my treatment?
  • What is the drive behind my desire for treatment?
Depending on the treatment you choose, you will end up with refreshed, younger-looking skin. But it’s important to stress that light and laser treatments, while effective, will not cause the more dramatic effects of plastic surgery. We also offer several fat removal and body contouring procedures that are light and laser-assisted. They are described both in this section and in the Cellulite section. It is vital that patients considering light and laser treatment understand that their appearance will improve, and heightened self-esteem is often a side benefit. Be careful that you are not having surgery in hopes that other aspects of your life will improve, too. If you hope that your relationships will improve after surgery, for example, you may be disappointed. Cosmetic procedures change the outside, not the inside. It’s unwise to have laser treatment with the intention of changing the opinions of others. The procedures cannot change anyone but you.

Types of Light and Laser Treatment

How Much Do Light and Laser Treatments Cost?

Most health insurance providers will not provide coverage for the costs of light and laser treatments. To make your procedure more affordable, Dr. Rubinstein proudly offers financing options for all of his patients. His office also accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards.

After Your Procedure: Recovery and Maintenance

After your treatment, your skin will have a flushed pink to bright red appearance for several weeks. Medications are available to help with the reddened skin tone. Sun sensitivity: your new skin will be extremely sun-sensitive, and protecting your skin from the sun is crucial to protecting your new skin during the initial healing process. You will need to use a skin lotion with an SPF of at least 30 on a regular basis. Sunglasses with UVA or UVB filters to protect the eyes, and hats with wide brims are also recommended for sun protection. It can take many weeks for the pinkness of the skin to fade and the full effects of the treatment to shine through. Be patient and follow the skin regime that Dr. Rubinstein recommends for you. By protecting your skin from the sun and using any recommended products or medications, you are caring for the refreshed, glowing skin just waiting to reveal itself. If you are not satisfied with how you look, it might be appropriate for you to consider getting light and laser therapy. To find out more, contact Dr. Rubinstein at his Aventura practice if you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or South Florida.