Skin Cancer Reconstruction for Men Before and After Pictures in Miami, FL

Thank you for visiting the skin cancer reconstruction for men before and after pictures page. The pictures shown here are actual patients of Miami board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein. They are being provided in an effort to educate Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida patients about skin cancer reconstruction for men, a service offered here at our Aventura, Florida practice.

Case 1

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

All images presented here are from real-life skin cancer reconstruction for men patients. These are real men who have achieved bona fide results from reconstructive surgery. We have not altered these photographs in any way because we want you to see the type of realistic transformations skin cancer reconstruction for men can offer. More than one million new cases of skin cancer are discovered each year. Nearly one in five adults will experience some form of skin cancer during their lifetime. Skin cancer is normally treatable if caught early enough; however, the removal of skin cancer often results in noticeable scars or an unsightly appearance. Removing cancer from deeper layers of the skin can also result in deformities that are only correctable through surgery. If successful skin cancer treatment has resulted in a noticeable indentation or any other type of disfigurement, then a male skin cancer reconstruction procedure could be desirable. If so, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Rubinstein will discuss with you the available treatment options that will reconstruct damaged areas. A few of these procedures include transplanting free tissue, tissue flap procedures, and skin grafting, all of which utilize your own existing healthy tissue to replace and repair any irregularities left after your cancer surgery.