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Holistic Approach

Unique, all-inclusive holistic approach to plastic surgery.

A person undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure is making a positive change in his/her appearance. Dr. Rubinstein believes this improvement should include all aspects of his patients’ lives. With each and every patient, Dr. Rubinstein strives to improve their quality of health and well-being. To do that he utilizes a variety of products and services aimed at an overall improvement in how the patient looks and feels. Each and every product and service recommended along with a surgical procedure is included at no additional cost because Dr. Rubinstein believes strongly in the importance of treating the whole person – an approach called “Holistic Plastic Surgery.”

Treatment tailored for you.

A wide variety of services and products are designed for each patient on an individual basis. Beginning with a skin analysis, a skin care regimen is designed to maximize the quality of each patient’s skin before surgery. Each system is custom designed based the patient’s skin type and areas of improvement needed. Aesthetician services such as microdermabrasion and facials are incorporated as needed to accelerate this process. All patients are referred to a nutritionist for a consultation to learn to make better choices in diet. This ensures a longer lasting result and improves the patients’ well-being. Every patient is treated to a massage, which can be taken prior to or following surgery. This aids in relaxation and helps to make the experience more pleasant and less stressful.

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Recovery and healing.

Each patient having a cosmetic procedure is provided with supplements to aid in the healing process. Specifically, Arnica Montana and Bromelain are given to patients to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery. Studies have shown a significant benefit to the use of these herbal supplements. Dr. Rubinstein continually reviews the medical literature in search of any new method for improving his patients’ experience. It is this Holistic approach that makes Dr. Rubinstein unique in the world of plastic surgery and a perfect match for the Pritikin Longevity Center. He serves as the exclusive plastic surgeon at this well-known center for wellness and longevity. Whether in his private office or at Pritikin, Dr. Rubinstein provides cutting-edge care utilizing the most modern techniques with an old-fashioned style of caring.