Facial Implants for Men Before and After Pictures in Miami, FL

The practice of board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein is conveniently located in Aventura, Florida. From this location, Dr. Rubinstein and his staff serve patients living in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, and Miami. This page is designed to show before and after images of men who have received facial implants and to educate current and future patients about the implants used in these surgeries.

Jawline Implants

Case 1

Case 2

Please note that each of the images is of one Dr. Rubinstein’s actual patients, and the images shown are of real results. These pictures have not be altered in any way, so you are sure to obtain a realistic idea of the changes that a man can obtain from undergoing a procedure to receive facial implants.

If a man has a projection deficiency in his face such as an undefined chin or undefined cheekbones, he may choose to receive cheek or chin facial implants. These implants are designed to enhance or change the bony structures of the face. Implantation is different than fat grating, which simply adds volume and can re-absorb over a period of time. Likewise, facial implants are permanent, and they can result in a more sculpted look than fat grating can provide. However, both fat grafting and facial implants may be used to achieve the best result, especially in the areas of the cheeks and lower jaw.

There is a marked difference between male and female facial implants. Facial implants are used to improve facial projection in female patients, but female implants tend to be smaller and produce a subtle, soft appearance. As you might have guessed, male implants are meant to produce a masculine look and are often larger than female facial implants.