Chin Surgery in Miami, FL

Do you feel as if your chin simply doesn’t fit your face? Chin surgery corrects chin or jaw lines that are too pronounced or barely visible. Board-certified plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., offers an array of chin surgery options to residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida sure to find that perfect balance and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

What Is Chin Surgery?

Chin surgery is a category of facial procedures that corrects the contours of your jaw line, restores balance to your face and helps you feel more confident about your appearance. Chin surgery may be performed in combination with other facial surgeries to correct the following issues:
  • Receding chin
  • Jutting or recessed chin
  • Weak or heavy jaw lines
  • “Jowling” or drooped neckline
  • Profile imbalance between the nose and chin

What Are The Types of Chin Surgery?

Dr. Rubinstein proudly provides several solutions for restoring balance to your face. They include chin augmentation or facial implants (chin implants / jaw implants). Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, reshapes the chin to reduce defects or flaws in the chin structure. Overly pronounced chins are reduced by gently shaving down the bone. Weak chins are corrected with a facial implant called a chin implant. A chin implant provides much-needed emphasis and balanced to a face with a weak, recessed, or receding chin. A chin implant may also correct a drooping neckline by adding volume with the implant; raising and tightening neck skin as a result. Another facial implant option that restores balance and symmetry to the face is jaw implants. Jaw implants restore balance to the face by adjusting the angles of the jaw leading into the chin. Jaw implants create a strong jawline in men or a softer, more understated contour in women.

What Are Facial Implants Made Of?

When a chin implant or jaw implants are chosen, one of two common materials is used:
  • Smooth silicone is a firm, smooth rubber that feels like a normal chin or jaw after surgery. It is held in place over time by surrounding tissue that grows around it.
  • Porous polyethylene is a material comprised of small, microscopic channels that allow soft tissue and blood vessels to grow into the device and hold it in place.

How Do I know Which Chin Surgery Is Right for Me?

Bring the right amount of definition to your face with a customized care plan by board-certified plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. During your consultation, Dr. Rubinstein helps you select the appropriate treatment to build your self-esteem and make you look your best.

What is the Chin Surgery Procedure Like?

Chin surgery is performed at Dr. Rubinstein’s Aventura, FL office, conveniently located for residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Surrounding South Florida areas. Depending on your customized plan, chin surgery lasts between thirty minutes to two hours. In general, incisions for chin surgery are made along the lower lip crease inside the mouth. Dr. Rubinstein then skillfully places the implant or shaves down the chin. The incisions are closed using stitches that dissolve on their own over time.

What is Recovery Like?

Chin surgery is minimally invasive, and recovery is quick. Your mouth and jaw are sore two to three days after surgery. Over the counter pain medicine and soft foods such as banana, yogurt, and smoothies help with recovery. We give you a special mouthwash to ensure healing occurs without an infection. You may also experience some swelling, which goes away in one or two weeks.

Will I Be Able To Feel My Implant(s)?

Your improved jawline and/or chin look and feel natural to your face regardless of material chosen.

What Does Chin Surgery Cost in Miami, FL?

Though chin surgery is generally not covered by medical insurance, Dr. Rubinstein makes your dream result attainable with several, convenient financing options. Pre-approval with low monthly payments are available online. Other forms of accepted payment include personal checks, major credit cards, and cash. To find out more, contact a friendly member of the office staff at our Aventura, FL location. See a better you in the mirror by scheduling a chin surgery consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. His Aventura, FL office is conveniently located for all residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the greater South Florida area.