Restylane Lyft (Perlane) in Miami, FL

Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is an FDA-approved injection used for increasing facial cheek volume. Serving patients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida, Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Aventura, is one of the leading doctors to offer Restylane® Lyft to patients in the South Florida area.

What Is Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft)?

Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is among the latest injectable formulas developed by Galderma, developers of the original Restylane®. Formerly called Perlane®, Restylane® Lyft is a gel-like substance that is injected into the cheeks to add lift, fullness and volume to that area. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) gel increases volume beneath the surface of the skin to immediately improve facial contour. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) also reduces wrinkles and enhances skin smoothness and firmness as a result of the increase in volume that gives your skin more support and naturally fills out creases. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) provides long-lasting benefits because it contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring chemical in your skin that binds with water to attract moisture to skin cells. When the gel-like substance is injected into your cheeks, its molecules continue to attract moisture to the skin cells in the area, maintaining volume and fullness in your cheeks.

Benefits of Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft)

Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is the only approved dermal filler treatment used to correct lost volume in the cheeks and nasolabial folds (deep lines that run from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth). Lost volume in the cheeks commonly happens with aging because fatty tissue under the skin surface becomes depleted, stripping the skin of its elasticity and fullness. Lacking elasticity and fullness beneath the skin surface, the cheeks sag and take on a hollow appearance. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) increases support below the skin surface and increases volume to restore a more youthful appearance. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) may be used in combination with other injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Restylane® Silk® and Sculptra®.

Who is a Good Candidate for Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft)?

Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is an ideal option for patients with severe facial wrinkles that require a filler to work at deeper levels by way of a deeper injection. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is an excellent option for patients who want to increase facial volume, enhance fullness in the cheekbones, and increase natural hydration of skin cells for a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

How Should I Prepare For Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft)?

Although little to no preparation is required for this procedure, Dr. Rubinstein will need to know if you have had any other injections in the past four months, and if you’re using any medications, such as aspirin and other blood thinners, allergy medications, sleep aids, NSAIDS, or muscle relaxers. Dr. Rubinstein may also recommend that you take certain precautions prior to your treatment, such as avoiding alcohol for two days prior to treatment and speaking to your doctor about the possibility of taking a break from certain medications while undergoing the treatment. Normally the results of one treatment last 12 to 18 months.

How is Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) Administered?

Dr. Rubinstein will assess your facial structure in order to accurately estimate how much of the Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) gel will be necessary to treat your particular target areas. The gel is then injected into those strategic areas using a fine-gauge needle. You will see immediate results after the initial treatment, and there is no downtime or recovery period required following a Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) treatment.

How much does Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) cost in Miami?

The cost of Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) varies depending on how much of the product get will be required to achieve optimal results. It is possible that, since Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) is an elective procedure, your insurance provider will not pay for it. Dr. Rubinstein’s office, located conveniently in Aventura, offers patients maximum affordability by providing easy financing methods, as well as accepting cash, personal checks, and credit cards as forms of payment. Perlane® (Restylane® Lyft) in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the entire South Florida area. To receive more information or schedule a consultation with Dr. Rubinstein, feel free to contact us today and speak with our friendly staff.