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South Florida doctor attempts to help woman with botched cosmetic surgery

Dr. Rubinstein Visits Dr. Shahine’s Office with Inside Edition

Dr. Shahine, former Gynecologist turned Cosmetic Surgeon, is receiving complaints of Botched Surgeries

Managing Your Practice Marketing and ROI

An Interview with Dr. Adam Rubinstein  with Aesthetic Insider™ on how he has built a successful plastic surgery practice in a highly competitive market, and how keeping track of ROI is the key to his success.

Good Day Chicago Interview, Avoid Botched Procedures with Research

Dr. Rubinstein was featured on Telemundo discussing the use of Sculptra as a filler.

Dr. Rubinstein Discusses Treatment for Patients with Botched Plastic Surgery

NBC 6 News

Importance of Seeking a Surgeon with a Board Certification


Which do you think is the most natural looking: fat grafting or implants?

I don’t think there’s one straightforward answer – it depends on the tissue the patient has to begin with, and what the patient is trying to achieve. There are so many variables. There are things you can do with fat grafting that you can’t do with implants, and vice versa.

What can you do with fat grafting that you can’t do with implants?

Fat grafting can be used anywhere it’s needed when you’re trying to change the shape of the breast a little bit.

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Cosmetic Town      

Click here to view an education article on Thermitight™ written by Cosmetic Town based on an exclusive interview with Dr. Rubinstein.

La Opinion

Dr. Rubinstein speaks with Spanish news, LaOpinión, about the new nonsurgical technique to tighten loose skin, Thermitight™. Click here to read more!

“New Reflections” Radio Archives

radiant-life-cover-227x300New Reflections features a variety of all things aesthetic. From skin care products to treatments with injections to surgical options we’ll discuss anything and everything in the world of aesthetics, health and beauty. Learn about all the latest and greatest offerings as Dr. Rubinstein explains the good, the bad, and the soon to be not so ugly, based on years of experience.

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CBS Miami Logo

Dr. Rubinstein talks about the benefits of brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) with CBS Miami. “When you think about how many people are losing weight now through lap bands, gastric sleeves, gastric bypass and just exercise and diet, people are really thinking about their weight and dropping pounds. Well that comes along with baggage,” said Dr. Rubinstein. Click here to view the entire article.

Dr. Rubinstein Discusses Customized Plans to Meet Patient’s Goals


Dr. Rubinstein helps a woman repair cosmetic damages caused by illegal buttock injections.


Brazilian Butt Lift Deaths in the Plastic Surgery Industry

In a recent article published by Newbeauty.com, Dr. Adam Rubinstein details several reasons why so many patients either die or suffer from life-long complications from plastic surgeries.

In the case of 40-year-old Kizzy London, her botched Brazilian Butt Lift resulted in a fat embolism which claimed her life. Dr. Rubinstein warns potential clients about physicians who falsely advertise their services and certifications. He stresses that while having a medical degree certifies someone to practice medicine, it does not inherently mean that a physician has the qualifications to be a competent plastic surgeon… Read More