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Brazilian Butt Lift Deaths in the Plastic Surgery Industry

In a recent article published by Newbeauty.com, Dr. Adam Rubinstein details several reasons why so many patients either die or suffer from life-long complications from plastic surgeries.

In the case of 40-year-old Kizzy London, her botched Brazilian Butt Lift resulted in a fat embolism which claimed her life. Dr. Rubinstein warns potential clients about physicians who falsely advertise their services and certifications. He stresses that while having a medical degree certifies someone to practice medicine, it does not inherently mean that a physician has the qualifications to be a competent plastic surgeon.

The Legal Loophole Costing People Their Lives

In the state of Florida, any doctor with a valid medical license can legally perform any surgery on a patient who provides consent.

In the U.S., every medical certificate includes both the title physician and surgeon. Even psychiatrists are MDs, giving them the legal right to practice any surgery, including plastic surgeries, if they wanted to. This loophole allows doctors who are not licensed plastic surgeons to offer plastic surgery procedures to their patients, often at exponentially lower prices than their licensed competitors. Not surprisingly, this can be a huge problem. Plastic surgery is very intricate and, if performed incorrectly, can be devastating to the patient. Kizzy London’s death is an unfortunate reminder of this.

Preventing Future BBL Deaths and Complications

While plastic surgery-related tragedies do occasionally occur due to situations outside of a physician’s control, many can be avoided through patient education and research. In order to make sure you have the best experience possible, it is imperative that you do your research before choosing a plastic surgery provider. You’ll want to confirm that the surgeon you intend to select has not only experience and positive reviews, but that they have all the appropriate licenses and certifications that would qualify them to practice plastic surgery. Remember: just because a doctor is listed as a “surgeon” does not mean that they are a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Searching a providers name on their state health department website will confirm whether they licensed or not, and whether or not they have had any disciplinary actions filed against them for past surgery mishaps. You’ll also want to consider price when shopping around for a surgeon. Prices that fall well below the average cost of a procedure should throw up red flags.

When researching surgeons, it is important to note that many different “Boards” exist to certify doctors in specialties that are related to Plastic Surgery. Specialty boards in the United States are regulated by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The only plastic surgery related Board recognized and regulated by the American Board of Medical Specialties is the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Be aware that any “Board” with the word “cosmetic” in it is not a recognized board. In this vein, any doctor advertising themselves as a “cosmetic surgeon” and not a “plastic surgeon” is one to be wary of.

Dr. Rubinstein is a proud Diplomate, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He also currently serves on the editorial staff of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is the Chief of Plastic Surgery and the Vice Chief of the Department of Surgery for Jackson North Medical Center, and is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at NOVA Southeastern University. Furthermore, Dr. Rubinstein is a member of the clinical faculty for the Department of Plastic Surgery at Florida International University (FIU) School of Medicine and for the Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Residency Program in Florida. Additionally, he holds memberships in many prestigious medical societies and associations, some of which are: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons, and The Ralph Millard Jr., M.D. Medical Society & Education Foundation

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