Microsurgery Free Tissue Transplants in Miami, FL

Residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida who are interested in learning more about free tissue transplants and microsurgery would be well advised to schedule an appointment with Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., at his clinic conveniently located in Aventura to see if microscopic surgery and free tissue transplants are right for them.

What are Free Tissue Transplants?

Free tissue transplants involve placing sutures, utilizing a microscopic view as necessary, inside the wall of the nerve coverings and blood vessels so that new connections between blood vessels and nerves can then be instantiated and developed.

Who Can Benefit From Free Tissue Transplants?

A visit to Dr. Rubinstein’s office can help to determine if you or a loved one is an ideal candidate for a microsurgical free tissue transplant procedure. Often used to repair disfigurements or wounds, a piece of tissue which can include skin and muscle, along with nerves and fatty tissue is transplanted to another part of the body to facilitate the healing process.

What is the Free Tissue Transplants Procedure Like?

Typically patients are in the hospital for five days after completing surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Rubinstein’s reconstructive surgery strategy involves taking tissue from a part of your body that is best suited for the part of the body which needs the transplant, such that when it comes to free tissue transplant procedures the overall procedure depends on your individual circumstances and involves the effective matching of like tissue with like tissue, both for the most successful results and to minimize scarring. You can typically expect that you will be given IV antibiotics, and Dr. Rubinstein will help you smoothly transition into the recovery phase.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

After your hospital stay, you will need assistance in driving home and also help in general around the house for the first phase of your recovery process. In particular, household tasks performed by a part of your body affected by the transplant will be particularly inadvisable, and Dr. Rubinstein will monitor your progress during your follow-up visits. Oftentimes, numbness, bruising, pain, and swelling can accompany the post-surgical healing process, but Dr. Rubinstein will prescribe pain medication along with antibiotics to facilitate recovery.

Will My Insurance cover Microsurgery and Free Tissue Transplants?

Many insurance companies view free tissue transplants as an elective procedure that a patient chooses volitionally to undergo in order to restore form and function due to injury or disfigurement. The free tissue transplant surgical technique may or may not be covered by your insurance provider, depending on the overall reason for the procedure, whether it is medically necessary (as it often is), so therefore only your provider will be able to give you precise information about whether or not you are covered for microsurgery and free tissue transplants. If you aren’t covered by insurance or if there is a gap in your coverage, Dr. Rubinstein can offer financing options in just such cases so that his patients can make easy payments every month for their treatment. If you are a resident of Miami, Fort Lauderdale or South Florida, and you need microsurgery/free tissue transplants, please contact Dr. Rubinstein today and benefit from his skillful surgical expertise as well as the patient-friendly atmosphere in his Aventura office.