Otoplasty Before and After Pictures in Miami, FL

At his office in Aventura, Florida, board-certified plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., offers ear surgery to residents living in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida.

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Otoplasty Case 1

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Otoplasty Case 2

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Otoplasty Case 3

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Otoplasty Case 4

Ear surgery, more commonly known as otoplasty, is normally used for the correction of prominent or protruding ears. This procedure is often done on children between the ages for 4 and 14. However, it can also be performed on older teens and adults. The main advantages of otoplasty are improved self-esteem and confidence, as well as less teasing. It can also improve comfort during dressing, sleeping, and grooming. For small children, Dr. Rubinstein may recommend general anesthesia so they can sleep through the surgery. In older children and adults, local anesthesia is usually provided along with a sedative. The ear surgery procedure usually lasts two to three hours, but more complicated cases may take longer. The technique that Dr. Rubinstein uses will depend on the particular issue and its extensiveness. The technique that is most common involves making an incision behind the ears to expose the cartilage. Dr. Rubinstein sculpts this cartilage and bends it closer to the patient’s head. Non-removable stitches are often used to hold the ears in their new positions. Another popular technique, which is similar to the first, also utilizes incisions behind the ears. However, Dr. Rubinstein will remove some skin and use it to hold the ears in their new positions. This effectively reshapes the ears without the need to remove cartilage. The surgery often results in scarring, but this is minor and hidden behind the ears. To see how Dr. Rubinstein has helped patients achieve more normal-looking ears, please view these before and after photos of some of his real patients. If you’re in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or nearby South Florida communities and are interested in ear surgery, please contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Rubinstein.