Body Contouring Before and After Pictures in Miami, FL

Exercise and a healthy diet aren’t always sufficient for eliminating unwanted pockets of fat. No matter how often you run or how much salad you eat, some fat cells are simply too stubborn to eliminate through conventional means. However, these fat deposits can’t stand up to our body contouring procedures. To see how board-certified plastic surgeon Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., has helped patients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida eliminate unwanted body fat, please take a look at our before and after photos. Pregnancy, genes, and natural aging have significant impacts on your body in a variety of ways. One day, you may look in the mirror and see that you’ve gained weight in strange parts of your body. Even after exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, these stubborn pockets of fat can still stick around in many places. Fortunately, the body contouring procedures offered by Dr. Rubinstein can help. These treatments can remove unwanted tissue and fat to help you obtain the body shape of your dreams. To see what you can expect, take a look at our before and after pictures featuring some of Dr. Rubinstein’s actual patients.
  • Arm Lift: Arm flab isn’t easy to solve through exercise, but it’s easily fixed with surgery. Arm lifts are a fast and simple procedure to remove unwanted skin and fat from the arms, making them look toned and slim.
  • Body Lift: Helps you improve the tone and contour of your whole body. It’s an ideal procedure for patients who have lost significant amounts of body fat and are now dealing with excess skin and tissue. It can also help address unwanted pockets of cellulite.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: Do you feel that the curves on your lower body aren’t in line with those on your upper body? Perhaps you’re displeased with the effects of time and aging on your backside. In either case, a Brazilian butt lift can help address these problems.
  • Liposuction: Exercise-resistant fat deposits can occur anywhere on the body, but these are easily removed using liposuction. This procedure gets rid of unwanted fat and other tissue to help you obtain a curvier, slimmer figure.
  • Tummy Tuck: If you’re tired of struggling with stubborn fat around your belly, then you might want to consider having a tummy tuck. The goal of this procedure is to remove unwanted skin and fat from the abdomen, leaving you with a trim and flat stomach.
Located in Aventura, and serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida, Dr. Rubinstein is a popular, reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for several years. He uses only the most advanced and up-to-date techniques to provide his patients with superior results. To schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Rubinstein, please contact our office today.