Breast Augmentation in Miami Beach, FL

Feeling embarrassed about your small natural breasts. Consider undergoing breast augmentation done by Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. A board-certified Miami Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubinstein can increase your breast size after volume reduction brought about by aging, weight loss and pregnancy with a simple surgical procedure.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation changes shape, texture and increases breast size using silicone gel implants or saline implants. It is one of the most famous and regularly performed aesthetic surgery procedures highly sought after by women offering long-term results.

Who Can Benefit from Breast Augmentation?

Most women are excellent candidates for breast augmentation. Augmentation is suitable for repairing:

  • Restore symmetry if breasts are uneven.
  • Increase size after pregnancy.
  • Replace volume after a mastectomy.
  • Enhance proportion for a more appealing figure.
  • Create a symmetrical appearance.
Women can also achieve breasts that appear fuller, rounder, perkier, and more youthful thanks to a combination of two surgical procedures; Dr. Rubinstein can perform a breast lift at the same time as the breast augmentation making only one incision.

Custom Breast Augmentation

You want your expectations to be met; you know how little or big you want them, so open up to Dr. Rubinstein. Bearing in mind your overall body size, weight, and figure, talk to him about creating your perfect “cup size” and realize the best aesthetic shape for your body figure.

To make you comfortable about the size of your augmentation, Dr. Rubinstein has developed a sizing process that enables women to experience diverse implant choices in a bra, everyday clothing, and in swimsuits. This serves to make the woman comfortable with implants, post-augmentation surgery. He believes that each woman knows what is “right” for her body.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Rubinstein does not select implants for you in advance. He gives all of his potential patients’ homework to prepare for their breast augmentation consultation. You will be tasked to search through entertainment and adult content magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse for five or six examples of breasts you like and don’t like. 

All women have a size in mind that they deem perfect. Their version of perfect breasts may not be real, but are attainable. This research exercise leads to a sincere discussion with Dr. Rubinstein regarding what is “too big”, “too heavy” or “too small” for you.

While performing the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Rubinstein makes an incision creating a pocket, which he inserts, a “temporary” implant. Since the breasts are sometimes not the same size, the implants may be different sizes as well – one may need 300cc while the other requires 400cc. The doctor will then sit you up and test different volumes, as well as breast unevenness. 

Only when the right volume for each breast is established, will Dr. Rubinstein lay you back down and put in the permanent implants.

Dr. Rubinstein believes that his sizing process is an accurate way to gauge the results of your breast augmentation. Many patients continuously report that their “breasts are just perfect,” “perfect size for my body” and most strongly, “this is me!”

Contact us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rubinstein at his practice in Aventura to learn more about breast augmentation surgery. He has successfully performed breast augmentations for women residing in Miami Beach and welcomes the opportunity to serve you.