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Dr. Rubinstein Helps Miami Woman Repair Cosmetic Damages Caused by Illegal Buttock Injections

Fat Transfer Injections in Miami, FLSouth Florida is known for being one of the country’s top areas for cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, not all of these cosmetic surgeries are performed by licensed or experienced surgeons. These illegal cosmetic surgeries are not just a problem for the plastic surgery community, but for the patients who undergo them. The patients who receive cosmetic procedures from unlicensed and unqualified practitioners experience significant complications and botched results. Theresa is one of these patients, and she had a number of issues following her illegal butt augmentation treatment that involved at-home injections.

Results of Illegal Buttock Injections

Theresa started experiencing problems within months of her treatment. She would feel pain anytime she sat down, which affected her work life and her personal life. Insurance doesn’t cover complications from cosmetic procedures, which puts patients like Theresa in a tough spot. The material that was injected during her treatment hardened in her tissue, causing the pain she felt as well as firmness in the butt. These symptoms can worsen and become serious health risks if not properly addressed.

Dr. Rubinstein’s Approach to Restoring Cosmetic Damage

In this case, Dr. Rubinstein’s first priority is removing the damaged tissue. This eliminated the painful symptoms that Theresa experienced and also alleviated some of the cosmetic issues that she developed. During this process, Dr. Rubinstein also pulled healthy tissue into the area to improve results and encourage the growth of new tissue. Although Dr. Rubinstein was able to improve her condition, Theresa and many other patients still face irreparable damage due to buttock injections and other illegal cosmetic procedures.

The Risk of Illegal Cosmetic Procedures

Unlicensed and inexperienced providers may offer lower price tags for their treatments, but the results of your procedure can be unpredictable. Both the unreliable materials used during treatments and the people who administer them can cause severe implications that result in costs way higher than the price of a safe treatment from a reputable and qualified surgeon. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, contact Dr. Rubinstein today. Dr. Rubinstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon that welcomes patients from Hollywood, North Miami Beach, Broward County, and the nearby areas of Florida.