Jan Marini® Skin Research in Miami, FL

Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Aventura, prescribes Jan Marini Skin Research products, developed by a pioneer in the field of skin care. The company has made many technological breakthroughs resulting in cutting edge products, which Dr. Rubinstein considers to be among the best skin care products available. Dr. Rubinstein offers this product line to his patients in his convenient Aventura office, serving residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the South Florida area.

What is Jan Marini® Skin Research?

Jan Marini® is a medical-grade cosmetic product line known for its trademark glycolic-acid-based formulas that reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation. Jan Marini worked with renowned dermatologist and researcher, Nicholas Perricone, M.D., to create a line of products called C-ESTA® that lessen sagging of the skin, redness, and fine wrinkles. This is just one of the revolutionary product lines available from Jan Marini Skin Research®.

Benefits of Jan Marini® Skin Research

Jan Marini® has become a name synonymous with one of the most respected product lines in the field of medical-grade therapeutic skin care products in the world today. Jan Marini® products are known for the extensive medical research that goes into their formulation, as well as the careful clinical trials on which results and treatment protocols are based. Jan Marini® offers a series of varied, specialized product lines that allows for precise, customized care for your specific skin type and condition.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Jan Marini® Skin Research?

The beauty of the Jan Marini® Skin Research product lines is their versatility and the variety of conditions that these products treat, allowing for a customized regimen for each patient in order to obtain optimal results. This means that practically everyone may be an excellent candidate for a Jan Marini® Skin Research regimen. Dr. Rubinstein will recommend the best products to treat your specific skin problems from the various Jan Marini® product lines.

What Jan Marini® Skin Research Product Lines May I Choose From?

The Bioglycolic® Line. This is Jan Marini’s trademark line utilizing glycolic acid, which is more commonly known as “alpha-hydroxy acid.” This acid is a very effective resurfacing agent that greatly reduces the appearance of acne scars. Studies have also shown that it is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates collagen production. The C-Esta® Line. This is the line that was created with Dr. Perricone, utilizing the power of vitamin C to protect against sun damage. These innovative products are the result of groundbreaking research to discover how our skin absorbs vitamin C and its benefits. The Age Intervention® Line. These products go right to the heart of what causes the skin to age – hormone levels and cumulative sun exposure. This line establishes the normal hormone balance that is lost as we age, while at the same time boosting the skin’s ability to repair sun damage. The Transformation Line. These products include TGF Beta-1 (Transformation Growth Factor), Thymosin Beta-4, Pentapeptides, and VGF (Vascular Epithelial Growth Factor) – the substances found to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin better than any other. Research has shown that they also stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin, making your skin look younger. The Antioxidant Group. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules in the body that cause cellular damage. For the skin, this can result in wrinkles, discoloration, and dryness. Antioxidants are needed to fight these free radicals and reverse the damage they cause. This group of products combats free radicals, promotes healing, and restores the skin’s more youthful appearance.

How Much Do Jan Marini® Skin Research Products Cost in Miami?

The cost of the Jan Marini® Skin Research product lines varies from product to product and depends upon the extent of your recommended treatment. If you require payment options, Dr. Rubinstein’s office provides easy financing methods and accepts cash, check, and major credit cards. Therapeutic medical-grade skin care products such as those created by the renowned research firm Jan Marini® Skin Research can make the difference between lackluster improvements and dramatic rejuvenation of the skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein is a qualified medical provider of Jan Marini® Skin Research products for residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the South Florida area. Contact our office for more information about the products and services that Dr. Rubinstein offers.