Obagi® Medical Products in Miami, FL

Discover real nourishment for your skin at the cellular level in the exclusive Obagi® Medical Skin Care Product Line. Adam J. Rubinstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified plastic surgeon in Aventura, offers this top of the line product line for his patients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding South Florida area.

What is Obagi®?

Obagi® is a line of medical grade cosmetic products formulated in 1988 by Dr. Zein E. Obagi, an internationally renowned dermatologist considered to be one of the world’s foremost skin health experts.

Benefits of Obagi®

When your skin ages or becomes damaged, your cells do not regenerate as quickly as before. Obagi® Medical Products were created to transform your skin at a cellular level, getting to the core of skin problems and accelerating the growth of new skin cells. Obagi® products focus on preventing and improving hyperpigmentation, acne, Rosacea, and photo-damage. The company’s cutting edge formulations can:
  • Create fresh new layers of skin faster.
  • Provide nutrients that increase moisture.
  • Reduce age spots and freckles for a more even skin tone.
  • Increase collagen and elastin to make the facial skin firmer.

Who is a Good Candidate for Obagi®?

Dr. Rubinstein prescribes the Obagi® skin care line for many of his patients. The regimen is individually customized based on your skin type and condition, your lifestyle, and what you want to accomplish, with a view toward healing and dramatically improving the appearance of your skin.

What Obagi® Products May I Choose From?

The company offers two product lines: The Nu-Derm® System is the number one brand of skin products prescribed by dermatologists in the United States. It is a therapeutic system that corrects photo-damage and uneven pigmentation, while the Obagi-C® System is a preventative system that protects your skin and gives it a healthy glow. These product lines are comprehensive and even include high SPF sunscreens that are water-resistant and long lasting without causing eye irritation.

How Much Does Obagi® Cost in Miami?

The cost of the Obagi® product line varies from product to product and the extent of your prescribed treatment. For those seeking payment options, Dr. Rubinstein’s office provides easy financing methods, and accepts cash, check, and major credit cards. It’s time you switched your skin care regimen to include products that really deliver the therapeutic care your skin requires and deserves. Obagi® is the line of skin care products most often prescribed by doctors in the U.S. for their patients. Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein, a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon in Aventura, is a qualified provider of Obagi® products for residents of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the South Florida area. Contact our office for more information about the products and services that Dr. Rubinstein offers.