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Plastic Surgery Specials

January Xeomin 2018


PIP Implant Removal Special

PIP implants (never approved in the USA) have been recently found to have industrial grade silicone instead of the medical grade silicone they were supposed to have been filled with. You can read more about this in my blog.

The recommendation of all authorities is to have PIP implants removed. In an effort to help the 300,000 women now at risk with PIP implants in place we are offering greatly reduced fees to have them removed. The fees below cover all costs for surgery including surgeon, operating room, and anesthesia fees. These special prices will not expire and will always be honored for victims of the PIP implant tragedy.

Removal of PIP implants: $2500

Removal of PIP implants with replacement using FDA approved implants: $3750

If you or someone you know has PIP implants in place feel free to call the office anytime to schedule a free consultation to discuss the removal of tainted PIP implants.

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