Cosmetic Surgery is Not A Sweater

by Dr. Adam Rubinstein on October 15, 2014

Everyone is always looking for the best deal. Whether you’re buying a house, a new car, a great meal or a sweater, we’re always looking for the best price. It makes sense, why pay more for the same thing? The thing is, what if “the same thing” isn’t really the same thing? In the case of cosmetic surgery it’s impossible to find a true apples to apples comparison.

If you’re buying your favorite skin care system you might go online and shop around. You could look for the lowest price since the products are the same no matter where you get them. For cosmetic procedures that’s not the case. Having an injection like Botox or filler is not the same in one doctor’s office as it is in another’s. Even more so, your experience with cosmetic surgery and surgical procedures can be VERY different depending upon where you choose to receive your care. Obviously the price needs to be affordable or you couldn’t choose to have any procedure at all. But be careful about finding the lowest price in town for your breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck or facelift. As I’ve written about before, if you look for the biggest bargain you may end up with more than you bargained for!

More and more I’m seeing patients with complications from some bargain basement practices and centers. Some patients saw a discount deal and jumped in without really checking out the doctor because the price was so good. Others figured that getting a breast augmentation for half the price made sense, until they had a complication. And I’ve seen more than a few that got lured in by a center that “specializes” in cheap facelifts, only to have a painful procedure, mediocre results and disappointment when the deal that was too good to be true, really was too good to be true.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for a good value. That doesn’t always mean the lowest price. Check out the doctor that is going to perform your injections or surgery. Make sure he/she is really a plastic surgeon and not someone who might not even be trained in surgery of any kind. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with that has the experience to keep you safe and give you good results. It’s probably worth paying a little more for that piece of mind. You can start your search at where every doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of ASAPS (the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). Experience matters. You wouldn’t want to fly to your vacation on a plane piloted by an amateur weekend pilot. You’ll pay the airline a fair price to get you there safely with a properly trained and experienced pilot – no mater how cheap the other flight might be. So if you’re shopping for a sweater the discount store might do just fine; but always remember that cosmetic surgery is not a sweater.

Aging and The Sexes: Get The Specific Treatment You Need

by Dr. Adam Rubinstein on June 6, 2013

When it comes to being with the one you love, you have visions of growing older together. However, in your visions, the two of you start dealing with wrinkles, sagging skin and gray hair at the same time – but research shows that couples start aging at different times.

Men and women may love the idea of aging together, but it’s important to note that the sexes age differently. While genetics can play a critical role in how men and women age, studies have shown that the genders start to experience the aging process in different areas of the face. Therefore, it’s important for men and women to seek out different plastic surgery treatments based on these critical aging differences.

Just take a look at some of the differences that men and women often experience during the aging process:

Women typically notice wrinkles around their eyes (also known as crow’s feet or laugh lines). In addition to these wrinkles, women often experience sagging skin around the neck, which is unfortunately referred to as “turkey neck.” As a consolation prize, women don’t typically see a change in the shape of their jaw lines.

Men typically begin to see wrinkles in the forehead area, which can be more pronounced than the laugh lines women start to develop. Men are also more likely than women to experience a diminished chin, which can have an overall impact on the appearance of the jaw line.

At Dr. Rubinstein’s cosmetic surgery practice in Miami, Florida, men and women will experience truly specialized anti-aging treatments that take age, genetics, and lifestyle into account. As a highly respected and board recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubinstein works with his patients to determine which anti-aging treatment will be the most effective.

For wrinkles, Dr. Rubinstein typically uses Botox or another type of filler to help ease and smooth over fine lines, crow’s feet, and deep-set wrinkles. To help combat turkey necks, Dr. Rubinstein performs both traditional and non-invasive neck lifts. Dr. Rubinstein also offers chin implants for men who want to maintain a strong jawline.

Dr. Rubinstein also offers couples’ plastic surgery, as many couples find it more enjoyable, relaxing, and calming to seek out treatments together. However, couples should expect to undergo individual consultations, as plastic surgery procedures need to be customized for each person.

For a better plastic surgery experience –with or without your partner – visit Dr. Rubinstein’s cosmetic surgery practice in Miami, Florida.

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