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Importance of Seeking a Miami Plastic Surgeon With Board Certification

Plastic Surgeon in Miami, FLSurgeons who achieve board certifications separate themselves from other practitioners by proving their knowledge in plastic surgery. Board certification requires significant training and substantial surgical experience, exemplifying expertise in the field. Board certification is not required to perform plastic surgery, which results in a vast number of doctors offering plastic surgery without the qualifications. Individuals without a board certification may not be properly trained, and this can be particularly dangerous for patients who go to these individuals for cosmetic surgery.


Safety should be one of your top concerns when considering a plastic surgery procedure. Doctors without board certification may not know how to properly perform the procedures they are offering to you. You wouldn’t ask your electrician to check your plumbing. Similarly, you should not trust gynecologists, dentists, or radiologists to put in in your breast implants. When you go to a doctor without board certification, you are putting yourself at risk. Only doctors that are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are truly specialized in plastic surgery and can offer you safe and effective treatments.


There are many stories of patients who go to doctors without a board certification and end up completely displeased with their results. This is especially common with breast augmentations and other procedures that involve implants. Patients often experience complications and undesired results due to the lack of skill of their doctor. To achieve board certification, plastic surgeons are required to have substantial experience successfully performing these and other common procedures. For this reason, you can only trust a board certified plastic surgeon to produce the results that you are looking for.

Where Can I Find a Board-Certified Surgeon?

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