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Dr. Shahine, Former Gynecologist Turned Cosmetic Surgeon, Receives Complaints of Botched Surgeries

Plastic Surgery in Miami, FLDr. Shahine has gained publicity for performing cosmetic procedures on reality TV stars. These stars attribute their curves to the work of Dr. Shahine, but many of his other patients are much less happy with their results. Some of these patients say they are disgusted with their results, and they look even worse than they did before their cosmetic surgery. As a result of these botched surgeries, a total of 10 patients are currently suing Dr. Shahine for malpractice. To avoid falling into this situation, patients need to ensure they are choosing the right doctor.

Where Did Things Go Wrong with Dr. Shahine?

Taking a closer look at Dr. Shahine’s practice and the stories of his mistreated patients reveals a number of problems that should have driven patients away from the beginning. For starters, he was and still is not a plastic surgeon. He does not have a board certification, which proves expertise and knowledge in plastic surgery. As a former gynecologist, Dr. Shahine has no business performing cosmetic surgeries. Several patients explained that they did not even see Dr. Shahine until moments before their surgery. Your surgeon should be very involved in your treatment from day one, and this is another area where Dr. Shahine severely fell short. Some patients also explained that their consultation did not even involve a qualified nurse, so they were not receiving advice from any sort of medical professional. As if all of this weren’t bad enough, video footage has surfaced that shows Dr. Shahine falling asleep on the job. These are all clear signs that Dr. Shahine should not be trusted for plastic surgery procedures.

How Can I Avoid Doctors Like Dr. Shahine?

When you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you should always find a doctor that is board-certified and specializes in plastic surgery. This will ensure that your doctor has the experience and qualifications necessary to properly perform your desired procedure. You should also make sure that your surgeon’s staff includes a qualified anesthesiologist and other trained professionals. Additionally, accredited operating rooms are another good sign that your surgeon is prepared to deliver high-quality care. Dr. Rubinstein is a doctor who checks all these boxes and has put forth significant effort in helping patients correct their results after botched surgery. For a reliable cosmetic procedure with a doctor you can trust, contact us today. Dr. Rubinstein’s practice is conveniently located in Miami and serves patients from Aventura, Hollywood, Broward County, and the neighboring areas of Florida.