Take Advantage of Your Time Off by Visiting the Med Spa

Dr. Rubinstein talks to the Sun Sentinel about using your time off strategically during the holidays if you are considering elective health procedures. “Some people come in and want to look great for holidays so they will get Botox or fillers,” Rubinstein said. “But you have to be careful not to get too close to Christmas or New Year’s because you could bruise and not be happy.” Read the Full Article

Dr. Rubinstein Describes His Surgical Consultations

Fun fact to start: Did you know that your co-scribes originally met because of a plastic surgeon?

Circa 1992 or 3, Dana served as the big deal Beauty Director at W magazine, the smartest and most luxe publication covering fashion, beauty, the arts, philanthropy, bling, and subjects of interest to discerning women.

If you’ve ever seen Baby Boom, it’s the magazine Diane Keaton’s “Tiger Lady” management-consulting character is reading in bed for real estate inspo.

Back then, I was repping a plastic surgeon who was among the first doing chemical peels on the skin to erase years of damage, and probably at the time, the only one with a publicist.  Read the full article on FloridaBeautyProblems.com.

Beware of Groupon Scam with Fake Botox

Federal and state officials last week raided a plastic surgery office following accusations that a doctor at the clinic administered non-FDA-approved drugs to patients who purchased certain services through Groupon, adding to growing concerns that Groupon users might be more vulnerable to medical scams, Hannah Knowles reports for the Washington Post.

Background: Providers turn to Groupon to attract new patients

Groupon is a coupon website that sells discounts for various services and goods. Health-related Groupon deals first became popular between 2011 and 2013, when websites like Groupon were at peak popularity. Patients today can find Groupon deals for everything from ultrasounds to heart scans and full-body CT-scans. Read the full article on Advisory.com.

Dr. Rubinstein Warns Patients: Beware of Phony Products

They say the doctor had already been warned.

Officials suspect Florida doctor Francesann Ford injected her plastic surgery patients with fake Botox from China even after the Food and Drug Administration told her to stop, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported. Authorities raided Ford’s Coral Springs office earlier this week as part of a year-long investigation into her practices, local news reports say. Read the full article on the Washington Post.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein praises plastic surgery law as ‘good start’

But the well-known plastic surgeon says abuse in the field remains prevalent.

The Blow-Dry Lie: Who Should You Really Trust With Injections?

In this, our inaugural Controversy column—the kickoff to a compelling series aimed at untangling hot-button issues in aesthetic medicine—we’ll be unpacking an ongoing debate, one embroiling providers of every kind and affecting millions of patients: who to trust with fillers and toxins. Much of the discord between leaders in the field springs not from ego or sensationalism, we should note, but a passionate, evidence-based desire to deliver results that are beautiful, bespoke, and above all, safe. Our experts have unique viewpoints and experiences—each worthy of respect and consideration. Our goal is to present all sides in hopes of carefully informing your beauty decisions. Read the full article.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein Interviews with eHealth Radio Network

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein discuss the following:

1. Tell me about your practice – areas of expertise, where you are located and how long have you been practicing and why you chose your profession?
2. I know you are a patient advocate – tell me what people should watch out for; and be aware of when choosing plastic surgery procedures?
3. What are some of the most innovative and exciting new procedures you are doing non-invasive and others?
4. How has social media impacted the plastic surgery business?
5. What else do you want to share with people when choosing plastic surgery and how can people reach you and find you?